University University – How to Make Calls on Your Cell Phone Using Wi-Fi

by Derrick Arteus

Tired of using your cell phone minutes to place and receive phone calls? We have a great option that allows you to handle these calls using your cell phone data plan or Wi-Fi. To get started, you will need to:

  • Add a Mobile Extension to your account.
  • Purchase CounterPath’s Bria app for the iPhone or Android.

Adding a Mobile Extension to Your Account

  1. Mouse over Configure and select Add a User/Extension.
  2. Select Mobile Extension as the extension type.
  3. Select Add Mobile Extension.

Once the mobile extension is added to your account, you will need to get your login information for the Bria app. 

Finding Your Login Information for Bria

  1. Mouse over Configure and select Manager Users & Extensions.
  2. Select Edit for your mobile extension.
  3. Select View Server Details to display your username and password.

mobile extension

Setting Up Your Bria App

  1. Select on the Select Provider screen.
  2. Enter your name or business name in the Display as field.
  3. Enter the username and password from the above steps in the Username and Password field.
  4. Select Register. 


The Bria app will now be registered with your account. You can place calls directly from the app using Wi-Fi or your cellular data. If you want to receive phone calls on this app, then you will need to forward your number to your mobile extension. 

That’s it for today, see you next Monday for some more knowledge!

When Lightning Strikes

by Jeremy Watkin

Woman hand holding the phone tablet touch computer gadget isolatA good part of our team is located in our Poway, California office, so thunder and lightning are not a concern. We’re too busy applying sunscreen and waiting for part of our state to fall into the ocean to worry about a little storm.

With that said, we’re seeing more calls where a customer contacts us after a major storm to let us know that their device, usually an Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA), is fried. Those little guys are usually fairly durable — my brother had one with a melted case that still worked. But one thing they are not immune to is a surge of electricity caused by a lightning strike.

As I began writing this post I was going to tell you to protect your electronics with a surge protector. While that’s a fantastic idea for regular electrical surges, research indicates that even the best surge protectors are no match for a nearby lightning strike. Dan Robinson from advises that “the best and cheapest way to protect your stereo, television, computer, or any electronic appliance is to unplug all power, telephone (modem), and antenna connections during a thunderstorm.”

While you’re at it, don’t forget to unplug your devices so they are safe while the storms rage on! In the meantime, I’m polishing up my post titled “101 Uses For Your Fried ATA.” I like to use mine as a doorstop.


How to Win More Customers with a Quality Greeting

by Derrick Arteus

Automated business greetings can be frustrating, but they don’t have to be. While all those number prompts serve a purpose for your company, it’s important to look at it from the perspective of your current and potential customers. Are you potentially losing new and recurring business because your automated greetings are so frustratingly long?

Here are three solid tips to win more customers with quality automated greetings:

  • Keep it simple. How many prompts does your potential or current customer have to go through to get to a live representative? If it’s more than 2, then you’re probably losing business.
  • Only say what needs to be said. Skip the 5 minute informational recording that someone has to listen to in order to chose an option. People are calling your automated greeting to speak with a live representative.
  • Prioritize your options. Take some time to analyze what clients are calling in about most, and have those be some of the first options they hear. Why have customer service be option 9 when that’s what 90% of your customers call in for?

How Can I Learn More?

Want to learn more about creating quality greetings? Join us for our free 30 minute webinar on how to add greetings for your company menu, voicemail, or hold music.


  • Learn how to add a greeting to your account with our various upload options
  • Configure your greeting for use as custom hold music or voicemail
  • Set up a menu system with a quality automated greeting


Thursday, July 10 10:30 AM – 11:00 AM PST.


Register Now University University – How to Send and Receive Faxes

by Derrick Arteus

Faxing has never been easier with! Say goodbye to your fax machine and enjoy the convenience of sending and receiving faxes digitally from your computer.

Every account includes the ability to send faxes without any additional charges. To receive faxes, you’ll need to add a dedicated phone number to your account that only receives faxes. 

Sending a Fax

  1. Mouse over Configure and select Manage Users & Extensions.
  2. Select Edit for the extension you want to send a fax from.
  3. Select Send a Fax on the left-side navigation bar.

You’ll now be on the send a fax page where you can upload your attachment, enter the number you want to send your fax to, and preview what your fax will look like. 

Be sure to enter your email in the Send a confirmation email to: (Fig. 1) field as this will be your only confirmation that your fax sends successfully. 


Receiving a Fax

First, you’ll need to add a new number to your account.

  1. Mouse over Configure and select Add a Number.
  2. Select the type of number you want to add – U.S. Local, Toll Free, or Global.
  3. Select the specific number you want to add.

Once your number is added, you will then need to configure it to receive faxes.

  1. Mouse over Configure and select Manage Numbers.
  2. Select Edit for your fax number.
  3. Select Edit for the Number Action field.
  4. On the call handling rules page, change Select Operation to Receive Fax (Fig. 1).
  5. Select the extension number you want to receive faxes at (Fig 2).
  6. Select Save Rule Settings.


Now that your number is configured, all faxes that you receive will be delivered to the extension inbox that you specified. 

That’s it for today, see you next Monday for some more knowledge!

Celebrating an Old-fashioned Fourth of July


We’d like to wish all of our US-based customers a very happy Fourth of July! We hope you’re enjoying the day outdoors with family and friends.’s west coast office is situated in Poway, California, a small, friendly city of around 50,000 people. Powegians pride themselves on preserving their local history, and nowhere is that more vividly evident than at our annual Old-fashioned Fourth of July celebration.

Poway-Midland Railroad ticket office. By Sue Walsh

The July 4th celebration is held at Old Poway Park, home to the Poway-Midland Railroad, a full-size, narrow-gauge railway with a restored steam train that carries passengers around the perimeter of the park in antique railway cars.

Volunteers throughout the park are dressed on July 4th in period costume—from the refined ladies spinning cotton candy to the rugged outlaws holding up the train, smoking guns and all. With live music and square dancing, old-fashioned field games for the kids, and summer treats like watermelon, hot dogs and corn on the cob, there is always something to do.

Old-fashioned Fourth of July Gallery

Do you have an Independence Day celebration in your neighborhood? Wherever you’re spending your Fourth of July, hopes its a great day!