Why Generation Y Won’t Answer Your Voice Messages

by Sue Walsh

Why Gen Y'ers won't answer your voice messagesDo you dislike leaving voice messages for friends and colleagues?

You’re not alone, especially if you’re between the ages of 18 and 34. Research shows that millennials, also known as Generation Y, shy away from leaving voicemail, in favor of texting or using services like Facebook Messenger and Snapchat.

Recent articles in the New York Times and on NPR’s All Things Considered suggest that twenty-somethings, raised in a text-friendly culture with unlimited phone access to their friends, just don’t like waiting for the robotic voice instructions to end or that annoying beep. On average, Gen Yers send up to 60 text messages a day. They find texting more immediate and satisfying, and trust it more.

While millennials have been dubbed the “Me” generation, when it comes to messaging it seems more a matter of pragmatism than entitlement. Texting is simply faster and easier than leaving a message. A “Call me!” text will likely be answered more quickly than a voice message buried on your phone or in your Inbox. And millennials will often call the number that appears on a voicemail notification before listening to the full message. Again, they like to save time.

Growing up with caller ID, millennials may also assume that if a workmate sees their caller name and chooses not to pick up, they do not want to answer. Not answering can seem like a rejection, and having to leave a voice message can feel, to use a Gen Y-ism, lame.

Finally, admit it, you might teach or sell or coach for a living, but we all feel a bit tongue-tied when we leave a voice message. A text message is easily edited.

All in favor of scrapping voicemail shout “yeah!” Unfortunately, most of us work in businesses that span at least a couple generations of workers. And our parents and grandparents still love the sound of our voices on their answering services. Voicemail may one day go the way of the telegram, but until then, we’ll still need to leave a message after the beep from time to time.

A few tips for leaving your voice message? Sit up tall and take a deep breath before beginning. Then say who is calling and leave a short, detailed and friendly message with a smile.

Finally, if you just don’t want to have to log in and listen to all those messages sequentially, use a service like Phone.com’s voicemail-to-text, which sends voice messages to your email or phone to read over a latte!

Wearing Our Warm-and-Fuzzies on the Outside!

by Phone.com


You know those mornings when you just don’t want to get out of your PJs? Today, we didn’t have to!

We work hard at Phone.com to ensure our customers are taken care of, and we like to have a giggle or two while we’re doing it. Pajama Day began with a fresh bagel and a cup of OJ as each team member walked into the office. Being cozy in our PJs—especially for those wearing footie onesies—made our day all the more fun and brought the team together!

Phone.com PJ Day 2014

We believe that awesome customer service is an inside job! And if our team is feeling warm and fuzzy, our customers will no doubt feel the love!


Maintaining Your Work/Life Balance with Phone.com’s Scheduling Feature

by Derrick Lewis

One of the most challenging aspects of this technological age is maintaining the healthy divide between your work and life hours. With a multitude of devices within reach at any given moment, it can be challenging to tune out of your business and relax.

Thankfully, with your phone service at Phone.com there’s an easy way to get some rest and relaxation after business hours with our scheduling feature. This feature has some great flexibility, including:

  • Set your schedule hours once and forget it. There’s no need to constantly manage your schedule hours. Set it once, apply it, and enjoy your after business hours silence.
  • Create exceptions for holidays and unexpected meetings. Don’t want to receive calls on all the major holidays? Set them once in your schedule settings. You can also set specific date ranges for unexpected meetings or extended lunches.
  • Configure daily custom schedules for flexible forwarding. If you have multiple employees needing to receive calls at specific times of the day, then you can create specific daily hour schedules for your call forwarding.

It’s time to get some hands on practice with a free 30-minute webinar where we’ll be teaching you how to take advantage of all these great features.

Join us for this great introductory course to business hours scheduling where we’ll show you how to set your schedule hours, activate your schedule in your call forwarding, and set exceptions for your holidays and company meetings.


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Phone.com University

Phone.com University – How to Set Up Your Call Forwarding for Unlimited Minutes

by Derrick Lewis

When setting up your call forwarding, it’s important understand how your incoming calls are counted against your monthly minute pool. There are two possible scenarios:

  • Incoming calls are counted against a monthly shared minute pool amongst all regular extensions on your account.
  • Incoming calls are considered unlimited minutes when forwarded to an unlimited extension and are not counted against your shared minute pool.

To dispel how this whole process works, and to also provide a template for taking advantage of your unlimited minute extensions, I have included the steps below which will show you how to forward your calls to your unlimited extension.

Please keep in mind, your calls will not be unlimited unless you specifically forward your Phone.com number to your unlimited extension, and then forward your unlimited extension to your intended destination. If this sounds confusing, here is a simple flow of how your forwarding should be set up:

  1. Forward your Phone.com number to your unlimited minutes extension.
  2. Forward your unlimited extension to your intended destination, whether that’s an external cell phone number, menu, or just the extension itself with a phone device attached to it.

Let’s walk through both of these steps to understand the process.

Forwarding to Your Unlimited Extension

  1. Mouse over Configure and select Manage Numbers.
  2. Select Edit for the number you want to forward.
  3. Select Edit for Number Action.
  4. Create a Forward Call action as your first forwarding step.
  5. In the Forward Call settings, enter your unlimited minutes extension in the white box.
  6. Select Save Rule Settings.


If the unlimited extension you chose was a phone device or our Communicator softphone, then there are no additional steps to take. Your minutes will now be tracked as unlimited.

However, If you want to forward to an outside line such as a cell phone or land line number, then please follow the steps below.

Forwarding from Your Unlimited Extension

  1. Mouse over Configure and select Manage Users & Extensions.
  2. Select Edit for the unlimited extension you forwarded to in the steps above.
  3. Select Call Handling Rules on the left-side navigation bar under Settings.
  4. Create a Forward Call action as your first forwarding step.
  5. In the Forward Call settings, enter your cell phone or land line number in the white box.
  6. Select Save Rule Settings.


The above setup will forward your calls to an outside line. You can set up additional actions after your Forward Call such as Leave Voicemail as shown in the example above if you want to send callers to your Phone.com voicemail.

That’s it for today, enjoy your unlimited minutes and we’ll see you next Monday!